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We have 3 purebred, pregnant Nigerian Dwarf does.  They are registered with AGS, have good temperments, and good milking and show potential.  Also, bred to our Nigerian Dwarf buck is a moon-spotted Nubian and our Saanen. These will both be first-time fresheners and will be having minis. We also have one unregistered Nubian preganant, and our beautiful, moon-spotted Nubian girls are also pregnant, and will have purebred, registered babies with the ADGA  all our goats come from a tested-clean herd  get on our waiting list for babies today!

We have taken time off from pigs for awhile and won't be selling any at this time  


You can also keep track of what's going on down here at the farm on Facebook.  

Gloucestershire Old Spots litter.  First in Alaska.