Market Items

                               Fresh Free Range eggs in Kenai, AK

Other than livestock, we also have many other items for sale. We always have fresh, free-range eggs from our chicken and duck flocks. Our girls get to roam outside in wooded pasture during the day eating vegetation and insects. At night the rooster leads them to their coop where they have fresh water, seeds, and layer feed that is free of hormones and antibiotics.  The ducks aren't quite as regimented, but love swimming in our little ponds and catching insects in our garden.

We sell shares of a couple of our goats to be able to provide the share holders with sweet, fresh goats milk. The benefits of raw goats milk are many, including being easier for babies and children to digest, and has been shown to help prevent allergies, skin conditions, arthritis, and a variety of other ailments.  I will have a couple openings this year for new customers.

On a very limited basis, we will be raising some pigs to market weight, and will have whole and half pigs available for sale. We will also raise a few 'luau' size pigs, perfect for a pig roast. Please contact us early to get lined up for these products and so that you can get the type of pork that suits you best. We may also have some fresh produce and honey available for sale this summer.

potato picking