Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf Goats


This fall and early winter, we bred our Nigerian Dwarf girls, Minnie, Cheyenne, Capricorn and Chupa Cabre, to our buck, Tricky Wu, from the Alaska Homestead herd here on the peninsula. Tricky has genetics for both milk and show potential. They will be kidding from end of May through June.  We select for breed conformity, and show quality, but concentrate mainly on milking genetics. The goal being well-rounded animals with high potential for a variety of uses. Nigerian Dwarf goats are a heritage dairy breed, with a population that the Livestock Conservancy recently announced has recovered to a safe size! They are very friendly goats, sought for their small size, good nature, and high butterfat content in their milk.

This year we also bred our full sized goats as well.  We have a purebred Nubian doe, Dulcinea, from Silver Aurora and a purebred Nubian buck, Mbuzi, from Boreas Acres.  They had very nice offspring last year with amazing colors and conformation.  We also have a new moon-spotted Nubian, Frannie, and a Saanen, Fuji, from Silver Aurora, bred to our Nigerian Dwarf buck, Tricky Wu. This will be their first freshenings and we are very excited to see their babies and milk production. We also have our unregistered Nubian, Frida.  She is bred to our Nubian buck, Mbuzi, from Boreas Acres for some nice, unregistered Nubians.

Our herd has been tested, and is negative for CAE, CL, and Johnes disease.  


Nigerian Dwarf kid